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1)  Editor's Say :-) 
2)  Referral Rewards Program!
3)  Feature Article: "Throw ENOUGH mud against the wall and some MUST stick! SUUURE"!
4)  This week's F-R-E-E resources
5)  Supplementary Article: "Essential Internet Marketing Acronyms Explained"  
6)  S.T.F advertising information
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8)  Important Stuff!
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Hello again, John!

Welcome to this week's "Straight Talker's Forum".  As you may or may not know, this newsletter started mainly to tell all my customers, affiliates, subs*cribers and visitors where they can find VALUABLE F-R-E-E tools, F-R-E-E software or F-R-E-E reports and recommendations. 

Hopefully these have been, and will continue to be able, to not only help you with your general "computer life", but also with your cash flow producing efforts online. (As they have been for me!)

This is just my way of saying a big "THANK YOU" for your present AND past patronage!

Warm regards,

Colin G. Moses


Refer friends and/or business associates to the S.T.F and get a chance to win $10,000 and a BRAND NEW Sony DVD Player!

Apart from that contest you will also get an amazing f-r-e-e gift!  John, believe me you'll want to refer as many people as possible when you see the kind of stuff that I'm giving away!  Just go to to check out the details.


Here's this weeks Featured article:

"Throw ENOUGH mud against the wall and some MUST stick! 
SUUURE"! by Colin G. Moses

Too many times I see people using the "shotgun approach" to marketing or sales. This is where you try to sell everyone and just through the law of averages, you hope that someone buys! 
The "shotgun approach" DOES work to a certain extent ... you can even sell junk if you show it to enough people! 

However, is that being efficient?  Instead of exposing your offer to 100 people to sell one item, wouldn't you prefer to do it to 20 to get the same result? 

Of course!  Less work, less time, less frustration, not to mention less COST!  It's much more efficient to *target* your market. 

So how DO we do this? In a word ... "Qualification"! You have to qualify your prospects BEFORE you try to sell them. 

In other words, you can't sell a hamburger to a vegetarian!  This may all seem like common sense, but sometimes common sense is not so common. 

We've all been guilty of the cardinal sin of trying to sell stuff to the wrong people.  Ok, so how do we qualify people? Well, there are as many online prescreening techniques as there are products I'm sure. However for the purposes of this article I'm going to focus on email. But not just any email ... Auto response email! 

We're going to use the power of AUTO RESPONDERS to first find out if our prospects are the right people, (pre-qualified) for our product BEFORE we even start to sell them on it. 
What are "Auto responders"? Well, simply put they are email addresses that are programmed to return a pre-determined email message to a recipient. 

Somewhat like "fax on demand". They come in different types and with different features but the most effective ones are the ones which ... 

-"Collect or "harvest" the email addresses and names of prospects who send for their information and stores them in a database. 
- Can send out a series of messages in whatever sequence or over whatever time period that you want. 
- Allows you to "import" or add outside names and addresses into its database. 
- Allows you to adjust, add or edit your messages in real time (instantly!) 
- Allows you to "personalize" your messages. 

These are just some of the basic features of most of the better Auto Responders out there.  So how do we actually use these wonderful little "salesmen" in the grand scheme of things? (Prescreening or qualifying prospects ... then selling them) 

Very simple! You offer some FR^E information via your auto responder ... that ONLY your target market would be interested in! 

For instance, if your target market were bodybuilders and you offered a FREE report which deals with finding the best sources of High quality Protein Supplements at huge discount prices, you'd only get bodybuilders sending for that. 

Of course the "shotgun toters" (Subscribers to the "Throw enough mud against the wall and some must stick theory")  would protest to this ... saying "But then you're RESTRICTING your market". 

However, that's not true! 

Everyone has the opportunity to send for that report ... but only bodybuilders would do so.  Result? 

You have created a tool, which enables your market to pre-qualify THEMSELVES for you AUTOMATICALLY! 

But here's the best part.  AFTER your prospects have pre-qualified THEMSELVES ... your little salesman can now shift into "sales mode" by sending "follow up" sales messages to these prescreened prospects ... again AUTOMATICALLY! 

So to summarize ... you've put in place a system which ... 

- Prescreens your market to narrow down or qualify your prospects to find those who are suited to your product. 

- Collects these names and addresses for your database for use now
and in the future. 

- Further educates these "prime prospects" on the benefits of your product or service thereby making them even more receptive to being converted into a customer. 

- AUTOMATICALLY does all this FOR YOU! 

See, statistics show that prospects only buy on the first exposure to a product or service at a rate of about 1 to 5% of the time. 

Sales is a process of multiple exposures which requires at least 5 to 9 follow up attempts.  What better way to do this than

Good Luck! 
Written by Colin G. Moses. 
(c) Copyright 2001 by Aqua Enterprises. 

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Here are this week's f-r-e-e resources, John.. 

1.  Fresh UI

Fresh UI is a fresh solution for configuring and optimizing
Windows. Loaded with hundreds of useful settings for Windows
XP/2000/ NT4/98/95/Me, it covers the customizing techniques
that you'll be glad to know.

2.  Shoot The Messenger.

In addition to being a security risk, Windows' "Messenger Service" is being used to "S-p-a-m" Windows users across the Internet. Many of you have probably been the recipients of those pop up DESKTOP ads. This 22 kbyte "Shoot The Messenger" utility gives users immediate control over the Windows Messenger service.

3. CCleaner

CCleaner is a freeware system optimization and privacy tool.
It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows
to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It
also cleans traces of your online activities such as your
Internet history. But the best part is that it's fast
(normally taking less that a second to run) and contains
NO Spyware or Adware! :)


Here's this weeks Supplementary article:

"Essential Internet Marketing Acronyms Explained"
By Azam Corry

If you're new to Internet marketing, the many acronyms and
abbreviations often used in discussions on the subject can be
confusing. To help you get up to speed quickly, here are the
meanings of the most important:

ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange - A
universally recognized set of digital codes that represent each
of the letters, punctuation marks, and other symbols you can
type on your computer. What people usually mean by "plain text."

ASP - Application Service Provider - Company that offers access
to software applications and related services over a network or
the Internet.

B2B - Business to Business - Refers to trade between businesses
rather than between businesses and consumers

B2C - Business to Consumer - Refers to businesses selling
products or services to end-user consumers.

CGI - Common Gateway Interface - A way web servers pass
information to and from application programs (to process forms
for example). CGI programs or "scripts" can be written in
several programming languages, including C, C++, Java and Perl.

CPA - Cost Per Action - Cost to an advertiser for each visitor
that takes a specific action in response to an ad, such as
subscribing to an ezine, requesting a free trial, or making a
purchase. Also used to describe advertising employing this

CPC - Cost Per Click - Cost to an advertiser for each click on a
promotional link by a site visitor or newsletter reader. Also
used to describe advertising employing this model.

CPL - Cost Per Lead - Advertising expenditure required to obtain
each new sales lead.

CPM - Cost Per Thousand - The amount charged per thousand
impressions (showings) of an ad ("M" is the Roman numeral for
1000). Whilst websites sell ad impressions in blocks of 1000,
with newsletters the number of subscribers determines the final
price. Also used to describe advertising employing this model.

CPS - Cost Per Sale - Advertising expenditure divided by sales
generated to determine the cost to make each sale; or the
commission payable for each sale generated by an affiliate.

CR - Conversion Rate/ Ratio - The percentage of respondents to
an ad, or readers of a sales message that complete the action
desired (usually making a purchase, but can also be subscribing
to a newsletter, for example).

CRM - Customer Relationship Management - Improving interaction
with customers through better understanding, with the aim of
increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty (thus increasing

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets - Used to globally define how
elements in a Web page are displayed instead of relying on HTML
code in the page. Makes designs more flexible and reduces HTML
file sizes.

CTR - Click-Through Rate/ Ratio - The percentage of website
visitors or newsletter readers who click on a particular link.
Used to measure response to ads or sales messages.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - Often used as the title of a
page on websites that answers commonly asked questions about a
product or service.

FFA - Free-For-All Links - Web pages that allow anyone to add a
link back to their own website, usually in exchange for
accepting promotional messages from the FFA page owner.

PFI - Pay For Inclusion - Paying to have web pages included in a
search engine's database and regularly updated.

PPA - Pay-Per-Action - Affiliate commissions where a set amount
is paid for generating a specific action, such as taking a free
trial or subscribing to an ezine. PPL, PPC and PPS are usually
considered as PPA.

PPI - Pay Per Impression - Where an advertiser pays for each
display (impression) of their advertisement (usually a banner).

PPL - Pay-Per-Lead - Where a commission is paid for each sales
lead generated by an affiliate. A "lead" is usually defined as
somebody who signs up for a free trial, or requests further
information, etc.

PPC - Pay Per Click - Ad sales or affiliate commissions where a
set amount is paid for each click on a promotional link by a

PPCSE - Pay Per Click Search Engine - A search engine where the
results are composed of advertisers who pay a fee for each click
on their listing. Using a bidding system, the advertiser willing
to pay the most is ranked highest.

PPS - Pay-Per-Sale - Where a commission is paid for each sale
generated by an affiliate. The commission is usually a
percentage of the sale, although sometimes it's a fixed amount.

ROI - Return on investment - How much profit is made after
advertising and other costs have been subtracted. A measure of
how successful a marketing campaign is in terms of the returns
on money spent.

RON - Run Of Network - Where ads (usually CPM banners) are shown
(rotated) across the pages of the entire network of sites owned
by a company, or controlled by a particular advertising network.
Cheaper than only having the ad appear on selected sites.

ROS - Run Of Site - Where ads are rotated across the pages of a
single site. Cheaper than only having the ad appear on selected

SE - Search Engine - A searchable database of pages on the Web.
Different from an Index (like Yahoo) in that pages are not
reviewed by a human editor before inclusion.

SEM - Search Engine Marketing - Similar to SEO (below), and
sometimes used to emphasize that generating quality targeted
traffic is of greater importance than simply obtaining high
rankings. Can also include PPCSEs and other search engine

SEO - Search Engine Optimization - The process of optimizing web
pages to achieve high rankings in the search results of a search
engine, in order to attract more visitors.

SEP - Search Engine Positioning - Getting your page listed on
the search engine results page. Similar to SEO.

SERP - Search Engine Results Page - The page of listings
displayed upon completion of a search at a search engine.

SSI - Server Side Include - A way for a web server to include
variable values and information from an external source into a
web page as it is requested by the browser. Uses include
automatic display of data like the Last Modified date of the
page, or storing common page elements in their own files,
enabling site-wide updates by modifying a single file.

USP - Unique Selling Proposition -  The reason why somebody
should buy from you and not your competition. The unique
benefits that your products or services offer consumers. What it is that
makes you special, different.

I suggest you print this article out and keep it somewhere
handy. Refer to it whenever you're not quite sure what something stands
for, and before you know it you'll be an old hand!

© 2003 Azam Corry. "Do it Better. Do it Faster. Do it Right!"
Online since 1998, Azam Corry helps marketers succeed. Get Free
Guides, Tools & Web Marketing Resources at:
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John, if you just joined us you can get all the past resources that you've missed in past issues of the "Straight Talker's Forum", by visiting and bookmarking this url: 
This week's password is: resourcestop

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